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Wedding Day F.A.Q.s

How do you approach the wedding day?
As a husband and wife team we split up immediately, Stu spends some casual time shooting the guys getting ready, and captures a few details while the last shots as bachelors get washed down. Lia starts the day with the girls while they are getting their finishing touches of hair and make-up, and captures candid moments as they unfold. We will shoot the ceremony together, both capturing different angles, and continue to shoot and assist each other throughout the rest of the day. 

What is a First Look? Why should we consider it?
A First Look is when we set aside some time before the ceremony for just the two of you to see each other and capture those precious moments together. When you see each other for the first time down the aisle, you are under the pressure of being watched by all of your guests. You are also thrown right in to the ceremony so you aren't able to talk and tell each other how amazing they look, or how excited you are to be getting married. It's straight to business. In a First Look, we'll set the groom up in a private location with good light and then bring the bride there. We'll step back and capture your reactions to seeing each other when the groom turns around! 

People are telling us not to do a First Look, but we want to do it what would you suggest?
This is your wedding. If you and your partner want to do a First Look it's up to you. Not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle is an old tradition that dates back to when most marriages were arranged, and more business than Love. Not seeing the bride until the ceremony took away the chance for the groom to run away and change his mind. Some people will tell you that it takes away from the excitement of seeing the bride at the end of the aisle. Grooms: you'll still be amazed at seeing your bride at the ceremony, you'll just be more relaxed and able to enjoy it! 

We've seen amazing wedding photos on your website and blog that look like they aren't taken at the resort, can we leave the resort on our wedding day for photos?
That's all up to you! We Love getting away from the resort grounds for bride & groom portraits! You just have to make sure that you schedule enough time to allow for this. We can help you with your time-line if you decide you want to spend that time off resort. Another option, if you don't want to spend that much time away from your guests and want to spend the cocktail hour enjoying the time with your friends and family, you can always book an add-on session on a day following your wedding before you leave. There are a few options to choose from, check out the Add-On's section to learn more!

How long will it take to get our photos after our wedding?
We will send you a link to your PASS gallery 3-5 weeks from your wedding day. Keep an eye on our Instagram/Facebook/Blog for any sneak peeks we might post!

How many images will we receive? Do we get all of the photos taken that day?
Every wedding is different and a lot of circumstances contribute to the final number of photos you receive. After the wedding, we will cull through the photos from the day and give you a curated gallery that best represents your wedding day. We will give you all of the keepers and get rid of all the photos of people blinking, or mid-talking making awkward/unflattering faces etc. 

Underwater F.A.Q.s

Underwater Session F.A.Q.s

Will it really ruin my dress? 
It depends on your dress. How it is made and the material will determine if it is ruined. Out of the many many underwater sessions we have done, we have only seen/heard of 2 getting damaged. One, was torn down the seam of the top layer (a thin sheer fabric) when the bride put her foot through it while swimming. The other was a Raw Silk dress that ended up discoloured from the salt water. This bride knew that would happen going in to it so she wasn't at all surprised or sad, she knew the photos would be worth it to her. 

What type of dress works best underwater?
The biggest tip we would offer is to have straps on the dress. Strapless dresses tend to slip down throughout the session and make beautiful photos unusable. You'll get more out of your session if we don't have to worry about that. 
Dresses with a "Flowy" skirt always look amazing!

Do I have to use my real wedding dress?
Of course not! Some people want to use their wedding dress while others want to get a second cheap dress similar to their wedding dress, and others want the chance to wear a completely different dress. Up to you! Who doesn't want an excuse to shop for another dress!  

What safety precautions do you take to keep us safe? 
Both of us are trained lifeguards and strong swimmers familiar with the ocean. We always put safety first and will stop if there is any danger. During the session, we have something for you to hang on to rest in between attempts (usually a surfboard). Lia shoots while Stu is there to assist you (whether that is pulling you to a better location, or untangling the bottom of your dress around your feet). 

I'm not the strongest swimmer, can I still do an underwater session?
You can still do a session with us, but you will need to make sure we know ahead of time. There are certain locations that are better for less experienced swimmers. Remember, the results from your session will depends on your comfort level in the water. If you aren't a strong swimmer but are comfortable and able to relax, you'll do just fine! We've got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you out!

I wear contacts, can I still do an underwater session?
Yes! If you swim with contacts in, you can do the session with them. If you swim without them, you can do that too! You can close your eyes underwater without ruining the shot. We never have you looking at the camera, and these underwater sessions are dreamy so closed eyes are more than fine! Just bring an extra set just in case you lose them :)

What if the weather is bad on our date?
If the winds are really strong and a bad direction, we will work with you and your schedule to see if we can do it another day. Rain on the day doesn't really effect the session... we're jumping in the water anyway! Underwater shots in the rain would be AMAZING!!

How long will it take to get our photos after our underwater session?
We will send you a link to your PASS gallery 1-2 weeks from our session. Keep an eye on our Instagram/Facebook/Blog for any sneak peeks we might post before then!

How many images will we receive? 
Every session is different, it depends on how long you last and your ability to swim and relax in the water. 

Do we get all of the photos taken on the day?
We cull through the images and give you all of the "keepers". We get rid of any photos that have too many bubbles or unruly hair blocking your face, and any awkward body positions while attempting different moves.  

Wedding Day F.A.Q.s